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94% of Production Sites Satisfied with EWS Implementation

Oct 26th, 2015 |

With the EWS standard in run for four years the EWS Secretariat surveyed EWS implementers from production sites, certification bodies and consultancies to get a more in depth understand of successes and difficulties experienced by EWS partners  working with the standard. Responses to the issues defined by the survey indicated a high level of satisfaction across the various implementers.

The survey also indicated that production sites see the highest value of EWS stemming from the need to improve water management on site as well as the facilitation of communication to external audiences on their water management performance. Half of the production sites also pointed out that EWS promoted a better communication and engagement with the authorities and communities. Other benefits submitted by the sites were water savings, implementation of new technologies in water management and creating clear and verifiable information for investors on how they manage their water in a sustainable way.

The survey also raised some key issues to be integrated into the first revision cycle of the EWS standard next year including: integration of EWS with ISO 14001, developing more specific guidance by sector, and the development of a certificate applicable specifically for Urban Areas. Regarding a critical question on whether the companies would like EWP providing benchmarking services (how different companies score at the EWS standard indicator level) more than half pointed out that would be useful and 40% of those would like the benchmark to be anonymous.

The EWS Secretariat has already begun to address some of the challenges raised, such as reducing the complexity of documentation during the assessment with the new EWS IT software tool and continuing to develop a strong business case for EWS.

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