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Hotel Sector Looks at the Link Between Water and Energy

Sep 30th, 2015 |

EWS participated in the III International Conference on Energy Management in the Hotel Sector on the 28th September in Valencia, Spain, challenging the audience to shift focus from energy to water. In the session on Smart Water Management, EWS Program Manager Maria Valle transmitted to the audience three basic and powerful concepts:

  • Water and energy are tightly connected
  • Water is local, used by multiple stakeholders and implies shared risks
  • Europe has a tool for strategic management of water and communication of achievements: EWS.

By enhancing the link between energy and water, hotel managers were encouraged to keep water in mind in addressing energy: not only to increase water efficiency but also to address energy consumption.

Hotels, as any other sector, also face water related risks that can jeopardise their development. Water pollution can affect the attractiveness for visitors and might mean an increase in cost for water treatment and increasing reputational and financial water risks respectively. Where hotels are located in a water scarce region, this can translate into water shortages, and changing legislation which translates into regulatory risk. Flooding can also pose physical risks as they threaten water infrastructure and also hotel facilities.

By not promoting sustainable water management hotels can experiences reputational risks if clients and the surrounding communities as contributing to pollution and scarcity perceive them.

Maria Valle presented the EWS tool to analyse these risks, develop mitigation strategies and also find the shared opportunities in terms of communication, projects and improvements. A clear message was sent to hotel managers attending the conference: out of the fence stakeholder inclusive approach integrated in the water stewardship concept turns essential for the viability of the hotel sector.

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