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Water, water, leaking everywhere 3D Perspectives Interviews EWP

Jun 10th, 2015 |

10 June 2015

Online publication 3D Perspectives, interviewed EWP Vice-Chairman, Fritz Barth for a recent article Water, water, leaking everywhere. Delving into the challenges faced by aging infrastructure. In Europe alone, water leaks are costing around 80 billion euros annually. The importance of updating legislation and infrastructure to meet freshwater demands is increasingly urgent. Recycled water will also play an important role in bridging the existing gap. Although the concept of “toilet to tap” may be unappealing to some, Mr.Barth pointed out the ways in which municipalities are already doing it. ” Upstream cities dump treated wastewater into rivers that supply drinking water to utilities downstream. (Instead) recycling could happen in individual buildings. Rather than pumping sewage and drinking water to and from centralized treatment plants, new technology allows for decentralized water treatment.

Read the full article here.

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