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EWP Needs Your Help to Protect Europe’s Important Nature Areas!

Jun 1st, 2015 |

The European Commission has opened a new public consultation to evaluate the laws in place to protect nature. Regulation from Natura 2000 to the EU Birds and Habitats Directives have been successful in establishing measures to protect areas covering roughly a  fifth of Europe’s land area, creating space for endangered habitats and species as well as benefits for nature and economy.

These laws support European countries in ensuring nature conservation by providing a framework while taking into account the different institutions, economies and values of the various member states. While some endangered species are showing recovery thanks to these laws, other studies estimate that economic benefits provided by the Natura 2000 network has been estimated to be in the order of €200 to €300 billion per year.

European citizens have the opportunity to improve the implementation and enforcement of these laws and ensure that other legislation in place is well aligned with the goals of nature conservation by participating in the public consultation. EU environmental organizations have joined forces across Europe create a campaign to further awareness on the need for action.

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