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EWS General Training September 23rd-Register Now!

Jul 13th, 2015 |

Full day training “Nuts and Bolts of Water Stewardship: From Concept to Application in Europe” on 23 September in Brussels.

Companies worldwide and in wide range of sectors are quickly coming to understand water stewardship as a means to improve a long-term sustainability strategy. Large multinationals frequently include water stewardship amongst their environmental activities and goals, aiming to “become water positive by promoting water stewardship throughout our value chain” or “support our employees to understand and make better informed decisions that will lead to effective water stewardship”. But what does all this really mean?

EWS has a range of training mechanisms that provide water users in the private and public sector with tools to become leaders in water management. The EWS general training is a valuable opportunity for participants to gain profound knowledge on Water Stewardship and its contribution to everyday business, and help participants develop their own strategy for action.

Companies can use the training to inform their staff on the existing best practices and trends around Water Stewardship and build it into their own operations. Similarly, policy makers, consultants, academics, certification bodies and water service providers involved in environmental management can learn about some of the best water management practices implemented in industry and agriculture.

Refer to the Training Outline for more information.

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Please note that this training will be delivered in English.

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