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EEA Pushes the European Commission for a More Ambitious Circular Economy Package

Mar 3rd, 2015 |


The latest synthesis report released by the European Environmental Agency assesses environmental trends and the slow progress made on improvements. The report notes that just 53% of European freshwater bodies are expected to be in good ecological condition this year, even despite the number of regulatory bodies in place, signaling an increased urgency for aquatic ecosystem protection.

Although European member states have made significant advances when it comes to point source pollution control, non-point pollution from urban and agricultural areas, such as nitrate pollution still has a way to go. The report points to specific member states for failing to reach good ecological status. In countries like Germany and the Netherlands for example, up to 90% of waterbodies have failed to reach good water quality status.

The report places pressure on policymakers to pull together an improved and more ambitious version of the tabled Circular Economy package. Responding to the report, the European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, is reported that he will use the State of the Environment report as the “starting line” of his mandate.

Further to drawing a harder line on the next five years of policymaking, the report encourages a systematic approach in addressing damaged European aquatic ecosystems: from improved coordination of regulation to partnerships between members states to collaborate more effectively on improving the condition of European environment.

Download the full synthesis report here.

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