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EWS Reaches a Milestone in Certifications!

Feb 26th, 2015 |

Many received news of the World Economic Forum’s recognition of water as the number one greatest risk likely to impact today’s global population with little surprise. These individuals are already deeply emerged in discussions around existing frameworks which set the stage for addressing water at the forefront of global risks.

Water Stewardship has quickly found ground as a guiding strategy for water users to address their water-related challenges. Certification with the EWS standard provides a legitimate means of identifying leading water managers who are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for water resources.

In celebration of the first EWS certificate in Flanders, Belgium, members of the Antwerp Port community gathered at the Monsanto production site to learn more about its innovative water management. Guests had a firsthand look at the top of the line technology in place during a tour of the site’s water treatment plant.

A series of activated sludge treatments ensures that the water discharged to the nearby Scheldt is of even higher water quality standards that those required by local authorities. As part of the site’s continuous improvement process, they are investigating how membrane filtration technology could allow them to reuse water within their operations and further reduce their consumption. Read more about the day’s events here.

The mineral water bottler, Rosa, also gained recognition this month for being the first certified site in Serbia. As a candidate country to the European Union, the bottling plant demonstrates its preparedness for implementation of the Water Framework Directive, sending a strong signal to other industry leaders.

Plant manager Dusan Antonijevic commented that “Each of us, as members of our communities and the company, is responsible to use all opportunities to protect natural resources and promote these efforts to set an example for others. Being awarded with the EWS certificate has allowed us to raise awareness among the employees of sustainability efforts, bringing into the spotlight different issues and actively looking for solutions to challenges we met during the certification process. Most importantly it is the knowledge and recognition that our operations do not negatively impact the natural water environment of Vlasina”.

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