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EWS and AWS Deliver Joint Trainings!

Jan 19th, 2015 |

EWS and AWS Joint Trainings

EWS and AWS will co-deliver two training programs in March aimed at spreading awareness of water stewardship and building specialist capacity to implement and assess water stewardship standards. The first training will be from 10-12 March in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and the second from 23-25 March in Edinburgh, Scotland. Both training programs will consist of three one-day modules:

  • Level 1 “Foundations of Water Stewardship” will provide an introduction to water stewardship and the AWS Standard. The module will guide participants to understand how water stewardship can contribute to water management goals by focusing on the most practical issues of a water stewardship assessment so that they can leave knowing where and how to start their journey.
  • Level 2 will provide advanced training in the implementation of the Standard in a variety of contexts.
  • Level 3 is a specialist course for professional service providers seeking AWS accreditation.

Who should attend?

The Level 1 training program is open to a broad audience of sustainability professionals, major water users, the water and wastewater industry, catchment mangers and water policy makers. Levels 2 and 3 designed for specialist service providers seeking AWS accreditation, enabling them to work with clients as part of the global AWS system. An add-on EWS module will be offered to ensure that all auditors are prepared to undertake water stewardship certifications both in Europe and globally.

Interested in participating? Please email Cristina Brabyn for further information at:

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