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Leveraging Water Stewardship to Tackle Water Policy Challenges in Ireland

Dec 17th, 2014 |

On November 26th the EWS team traveled to Limerick, Ireland to deliver a EWS standard workshop to the Irish EPA funded Lean Water community of practice in collaboration with our newest recommended consultancy, Central Solutions.

Central Solutions has joined the network of consultancies working closely with a wide range of companies to implement water stewardship and ensure all elements of water management and monitoring are in place.

During the workshop members of the EWS team had the opportunity to meet with a selected group of companies who work closely with Central Solutions on water management in their operations. Engaging with each of the principles of water stewardship, representatives from production site level had the opportunity to get a first sense for where their own gaps in water management lie.

With changes already underway with newly formed water utility Irish Water, many of those companies participating were conscientious of water becoming an increasing issue of public concern. Created earlier this year, Irish Water unites the water services of 34 Local Authorities under one national service provider. The entity which is already operational – with some 475,000 meters having been installed so far-will start to work with its business customers to transition services. Implementing the EWS standard provides a framework for companies to begin these discussions.

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