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Preparing for the World Water Forum 2015

Nov 24th, 2014 |

21 November 2014

Following the most recent European session on Science and Technology Process (STP) in Barcelona, the preparation for the European process for the 7th World Water Forum continues. Members discussed their roles in contributing to a successful implementation of solutions, which in part is dependent on the use of scientific, research, new technologies and innovation processes. Part of this is aligning efforts with the momentum generated for setting up new Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, as the World Water Forum likely to be a landmark in this process.

By focusing on the role of science, technology and innovation in the water sector, members aim to positively influence the course of water services and sustainability. Specifically, by how European experiences, lessons learned and best practices can contribute to bringing the global water agenda forward. The session will also bring together business leaders from the water sector to discuss and deal with practical and technical concerns.

To learn more about opportunities to participate in the ongoing European process see the following link:

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