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Chemical Sector Discusses Tools for Managing their Water-Related Risks

Nov 21st, 2014 |

In the well-attended second Water Risk Management Workshop, organized by Cefic on 12 November 2014, members from the chemical sector held an in depth exchange of industry best practices on water management. Representatives from WBCSD, CDP and Ceres all shared their approaches for companies to realize their water related risks and develop their sustainable water management strategy. EWP representated EWS as a means to go a step beyond risk assessment to capitalizing on the opportunities to communicate the steps taken to improve water management.

A case study presented by BASF, demonstrated the scope of the EWS assessment in their production sites from source to discharge.  With over 22% of their production sites in areas identified as water scarce, the assessment is part of the companies’ focus to implement sustainable water management in these regions. Participants from corporate environmental coordinators, sustainability and environmental managers also shared their own experiences in managing water risks, both successful and not, and identified the key themes necessary to build long-term and balanced solutions.

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