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What does EWS have to do with Corporate Sustainability Reporting?

Jun 12th, 2014 |

Following a new law adopted by the EU Parliament companies with more that 500 employees are asked to complete annual sustainability reporting. The directive encourages companies to take advantage of existing, developed schemes including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Companies  using EWS to address their water management now have a reference to essential information to answer multiple GRI indicators as a first step to completing their corporate sustainability reporting.

Specifically, companies implementing the EWS standard have all information available that is required for all water-related GRI indicators (i.e. G4-EN8, G4-EN9 and G4-EN10). EWS standard indicators also fully cover several GRI indicators linked to biodiversity (G4-EN13) as well as effluents and waste (G4-EN22 and G4-EN24).

For the full EWS and GRI Mapping Document, see here.


For more information on this new Directive, see the Commission’s FAQ. The full text adopted by the Parliament is available on the Parliament’s website (Part 5, pp 312-346).

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