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New Director General of ECPA, Same Water Goals

Jun 2nd, 2014 |

20131115-3526-veldemanphotoEWP sat down with the new General Director of the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), Jean Charles Bocquet to discuss some of the major challenges of the crop protection sector in managing water resources. Preservation of Europe’s supply of high quality freshwater has always been a priority for the ECPA, who takes the lead on identifying key challenges and solutions.

Mr. Bocquet interview highlight’s ECPA’s efforts through various projects with multiple partners to “spread the word about the water protection Best Management Practices that have been developed by a multi-stakeholder group of experts across the EU, and promote the availability of demonstration farms where the recommended measures can be practically shown to farmers and advisors as part of the training and awareness raising effort”. For the full interview with Jean Charles see here.

ECPA has recently confirmed its commitment to roll out Water Stewardship in production sites across Europe by becoming the newest member of EWS. As a next step, ECPA will explore the application of the EWS standard in agriculture at company demonstration farms.

Jean Charles will share ECPA’s experience working with the EWS standard at a top level panel during the Water Stewardship: Local Actions Driving Global Impact event organized by EWP and AWS on 3 July 2014. For more information about this event see here.

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