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World Water Forum 2015: Interview with Miriam Feilberg

May 28th, 2014 |

photo miriam feilberg

Miriam Feilberg, Danish Water Forum

Brussels, 28.05.2014. The 7th World Water Forum will take place in Daegu & Gyeongbuk, Korea, 12 – 17 April 2015. French Water Partnership (FWP) and Danish Water Forum (DWF) have been appointed by the forum organizers to facilitate the European process. EWP had the pleasure to interview Miriam Feilberg, in charge of the regional process coordination at the Danish Water Forum, about the current state of play and upcoming actions.

EWP: The Danish Water Forum and the French Water Partnership have officially launched the coordination and preparations of the European Regional Process for the World Water Forum 2015. Who can join the process and how?
Miriam Feilberg: The Regional process is an open, transparent and inclusive multi-stakeholder initiative, inviting all groups and individuals that would like to contribute to the identified thematic topics. Basically, all water stakeholders in Europe are invited to join the process. Our aim is to involve major national and European-wide acting organizations, such as consumer groups, national governments, NGOs, National Water Partnerships as well as representatives of the European Institutions. We basically seek to engage a representative cross-section of the water sector, bringing also water users on board that have not been enough involved so far, such as business corporations and farmer associations. We also put emphasis on bringing organizations into the process that could facilitate the links between researchers and practitioners. A website of the Regional Process is under development. Until then all information about the European Regional Process, upcoming meetings and cooperation possibilities will be made available on the websites of DWF and FWP.

EWP: What are the key messages and outcomes of the Kick-off meeting of the European Regional Process, held on May 19th in Brussels?

Miriam Feilberg: The key message of our meeting in May is that we are starting now. The Korean host organization asked DWF and FWP to prepare and further elaborate four to six topics relevant for Europe. The participants of the kick-off meeting identified the following focus areas which will be the overall themes for the sessions organized by the European Regional Process: Water efficiency in a broad definition, climate change and water management, integrated implementation of EU Directives, transboundary water management and innovative urban water management. A new component of the World Water Forum will be the Science and Technology processes. Within the identified themes, we will therefore address issues such as information management, knowledge, science and skills gaps related to this.
EWP: Could you briefly explain the next steps of the European Process?
Miriam Feilberg: As a next step, we will identify and set up European consortia for each topic. With the support of DWF and FWP, these partnerships will take the lead in organizing the thematic session in Korea. If you are interested in taking active part in one of the consortia, please feel free to contact us before the 1st of July 2014. On the other hand, we would also be pleased to be invited to include conferences and events that could be relevant for the regional process.

EWP: Why is World Water Forum such an important platform for Europe to be visible at?

Miriam Feilberg: When it comes to water management planning and setting high standards, Europe is a frontrunner worldwide. The World Water Forum is a platform to share knowledge and promote our solutions so that countries can learn from us. It is also a place for Europeans to get deeper insights into and learn about global challenges, solutions and best practice examples.

EWP: Thank you for the interview.

For more information, please contact Miriam Feilberg at or visit:

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