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FIRST National Water Stewardship Workshop!

Feb 13th, 2014 |

EWS offers a half-day workshop “Water Stewardship; From Concept to Application” on 21st March in Madrid, Spain. Sign up today to learn from our Water Stewardship experts.

The first EWS national workshop is a valuable opportunity for participants to gain profound knowledge on Water Stewardship and its implementation in everyday business. EWS is recognized as a means for companies to assess, verify and communicate responsible Water Stewardship practices and can help you develop your own strategy and action plans.

Companies might find the workshop helpful for their staff in order to learn about the best practices and trends around Water Stewardship and build it into their own operations. Similarly, policy makers, consultants, academics and water service providers involved in water management and sustainability are also encouraged to attend.

Click here for more details (in Spanish) or to register email Please note that this training will be delivered in Spanish.

While this workshop is open to the public, EWS members can participate free of charge.

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