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New collaborations to strengthen European Water Sector

Dec 5th, 2013 |

Brussels, December 2013. Three years ago, the UN General Assembly declared 2013 to be the International Year of Water Cooperation. The EWP ends the year by signing cooperation agreements with several key institutional partners such as national water partnerships as well as Brussels based water organizations, formalizing the intention to increase cooperation and coordination.

European Technology Platform for Water (WssTP): At the WssTP General Assembly, the European water sector represented by WssTP, Aqua Europa, EWA, EurAqua, EWP, and NetwercH20 formalised their intention to increase cooperation as the first step to a better and more coordinated representation of the interest of the water sector at the EU level.

National Water Partnerships: During the World Water Week in Amsterdam, National Water Partnerships (NWPs) expressed their ambition to establish a network of the NWPs coordinated by the EWP. Main aims of the cooperation will be the representation of European SMEs at the EU level and implementation of joint projects as a network. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Netherlands Water Partnership, the German Water Partnership and the Finnish Water Partnerhip and the Danish Water Forum to strengthen cooperation and work towards a concrete work programme for 2014.

Brussels based water organisation sign intention to increase collaboration Aqua Europa EWA EurAqua EWP and NetwercH20 and WssTP

Brussels based water organizations sign intention to increase collaboration: Aqua Europa ,EWA, EurAqua, EWP, NetwercH20 and WssTP

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