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Water Stewardship: A game-changer in water risk management

Nov 26th, 2013 |

CDP’s 2013 Global Water Report Moving beyond business as usual: A need for a step change in water risk management makes a strong case for stewardship as THE strategy for companies to ensure that they are addressing all their water related risks.

The report highlights some of EWP’s key messages on water stewardship including that:

  • A within the fence approach is insufficient to mitigate risks.
  • Focus on water efficiency is great first step but not enough.
  • Mitigation must be done within the river basin setting in which a company operates.
  • Environmental stewardship provides companies a “license to operate”.
  • Water is equivalent to risks AND opportunities.

The survey of 180 companies at the focus of this report provides detailed information about the manner in which the consciousness of water risks is rapidly becoming a priority for businesses.

This is where EWS comes in! EWS allows businesses to take the next step to communicate their water stewardship actions and ensure financial robustness with long-term strategies for continuous improvements in place.

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