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BASF achieves gold-level certification in Tarragona, Spain

May 3rd, 2013 |

EWS is proud to announce the first certification according to the EWS standard at a chemical production site in Europe. The BASF production site in Tarragona, Spain, proved its excellent water management performance via EWS gold-level certification.  Given the importance of water in all its activities, BASF has set ambitious targets for emissions and water withdrawal rates. The principles and requirements of the EWS standard, supports BASF in both raising awareness and reaching its global water goals.

Located in a water-stressed area as depicted in the map below, the production site in Tarragona was chosen as leader in EWS standard implementation. The confirmation of the certification body TÜV NORD INTEGRA verifies the high level of water management performance on-site and encourages BASF in its EWS flagship project. For more information about the EWS and the certification of the BASF production site see the press release.

Water stressed areas

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