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Do you want to take your water technology elsewhere? INNOWATER can help!

Feb 15th, 2013 |

Brussels, 15th February 2013. INNOWATER, the innovation partnership for better innovation support tools and delivery mechanisms in sustainable water and wastewater, is offering a free service for businesses and organizations with water technology solutions to bring them to the attention of specific niche industry sectors in key international markets.

The service, made available through funding provided by the European Commission’s INNOWATER project, aims to help European SMEs become more globally competitive. It matches key technology- needs in overseas markets with providers of solutions within Europe.

There are currently two exciting opportunities:

South Africa – Acid Mine Drainage

Mexico – Agri-/Horticulture

An INNOWATER delegation will be visiting key stakeholders in de water sector and leading water-using companies in South Africa an Mexico. During this business trip, the delegation will gain specific market intelligence and present available state-of-the-art water innovations from Europe. During our visits we will also collect relevant information that can be beneficial for your expansion into these markets. Research has already been undertaken to identify the key areas of opportunity and this is summarised in a ‘Technology Needs Analysis’ (TNA) for both markets.

Is your company providing an innovative water technology and would you like to be represented? Or do you want do gain specific information about taking your business to South Africa or Mexico and current business opportunities? All you have to do is submit an innovation submission form. Just state the information you would like to know on the form.

To access the TNAs and the submission form, please visit the Water Innovation Network International Solutions Portal:

Deadlines for the submission of forms:

South Africa – 4th March 2013

Mexico – 25th March 2013

Please, do not hesitate to contact Selma Hilgersom ( for more information about this opportunity and to find out how INNOWATER can support your growth internationally.

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