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Friedrich Barth: “The EWP is about real partnerships”

Oct 18th, 2012 |

This year’s edition of the “Greening Partnership Day” Conference at the European Parliament brought together academics, farmers, individuals from industry, policy makers and other stakeholders to identify and promote existing and innovative solutions for more sustainable and greener activities in Europe.

In the context of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform envisioned for 2013, experts present at the event gave their various perspectives to point out what different actors mean when talking about “greening practices”.

The first part of the conference, a ”Greening in best practice” seminar, was hosted by the MEP Mairead McGuinness who emphasized that Europeans should appreciate the value of the countryside where implementing good water management is absolutely crucial for all the Member States.


EWP Vice-Chairman Friedrich Barth

In the Water Management subpanel, EWP Vice-Chairman Friedrich Barth gave a presentation about the importance and function of partnerships between farms, water suppliers and industries.  He stressed the fact that while the discussion about partnerships is important, what is necessary is that they are applied in practice. ‘In EWP we do not only talk, but we go for real participation’, Mr. Barth emphasized, suing the example of the partnership between European Water Stewardship and the RISE Foundation, in their coordination the project ‘Local Deals for Better Water Management’. This project focuses on studying and supporting win-win situations created by different water users located in the same river basin or sub-catchment in order to improve jointly their water management performance. Mr Barth stressed the outstanding role of “Local Deals” by tackling shared risks and shared impacts in one catchment, and turning them into shared water-linked opportunities.

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