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28th November: INNOWATER Roadshow in Pamplona, Spain

Oct 18th, 2012 |


On 28th of November the B2B Encounters on Efficiency in Water Use in the Agro-Food sector will be held in Pamplona, Spain. This event constitutes the first Roadshow of the INNOWATER project run by the EWP.

The meeting aims to present the main challenges and opportunities for sustainable water management in the agro-food sector and to encourage cooperation between companies from the agro-food sector and producers of efficient water technology by defining an agenda of meetings to match technology-demand with supply.

The set up of the INNOWATER roadshows is developed in such a way as to ensure the best chance for targeted matches between innovators and water-using companies. Technologies and challenges are identified before the event, and on the basis of this knowledge, a meeting agenda tailored to the needs of each company is set up, ensuring the most added value for each participating company.  To participate in the event, agro-food companies looking for solutions to current water-challenges and technology companies that develop efficient technologies or services to improve water management in the agro-food sector are invited to contact the INNOWATER team at

The B2B Encounters on Efficiency in Water Use in the Agro-Food sector (Roadshow INNOWATER) are included in the European Meeting of R&D&I on water, which will be held on the 27th ,28th and 29th of November in Pamplona. The full agenda of the 3-days conference can be downloaded here.

Participation is free of charge. For more information about the event, contact the organisers at

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