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EWP goes social media

Oct 5th, 2012 |

The EWP started working on the non-government organization’s social media presence. Besides the regular website updates, all the important information and photos will be also posted on the Facebook fan page. The name of the page is Aquawareness, and it is named after one of the EWP’s biggest initiatives related to raising awareness on water issues water issues.

The Aquawareness fan page is being updated with the most recent information, so that the EWP’s friends and partners can get a clear overview of the most recent news. They are welcome to ask questions, post photos and share interesting information as well. EWP is also willing to share others’ Facebook fan pages information, as long as it is relevant to the organization’s mission and it provides useful and pragmatic information to the people.


The Facebook fan page has been linked to the EWP Youtube channel which was also recently started. On the video channel there will be different ‘playlists’ showing videos from the numerous conferences EWP’s representatives were attending and also speaking at.

Some website changes are to follow soon as well – it has been planned that all the articles on the website become shareable on social media, including Internet blogs.

The Aquawareness Facebook fan page can be found here.

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