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ADWICE: Attention should be paid to the different European regions

Oct 3rd, 2012 |

Within the framework of the Adapting Drinking Water resources to the Impacts of Climate change in Europe (ADWICE) project of the European Commission (DG ENV), a Stakeholder Conference took place in Brussels on 2nd October 2012. The Conference aimed to present and discuss the draft results of the ongoing project (ADWICE) on the potential effects of climate change on drinking water resources across the EU and respectively, to receive feedback from stakeholders and illustrate the best practices.

The EWP Project Officer Vera Guerdjikova and the Climate Change Expert Murray Biedler attended the event and participated in the discussion on “Adapting Drinking Water Resources to the Impacts of Climate Change in Europe”, together with representatives from the European Commission, BIO Intelligence, Cranfield University, UNESCO, the Brussels Regional Parliament and others.

Vera and Murray

At the end of the conference day, the certain negative impacts of climate change on water were re-confirmed. What is more, it was stated that they could occur much sooner and with stronger force than anticipated. On the other hand, every region has its own specific areas of impact, since some are more affected than others. There are still some knowledge and database gaps which need to be addressed in order to present a more accurate estimation of the effects. It was concluded that the water sector is no longer just a sector on its own: water is involved in many other aspects of production, energy, agriculture and more.

Murray and Ian Holman

Murray Biedler and Ian Holman from Cranfield University continued the discussion on climate change impacts on the water resources after one of the discussion panels

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