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ECPA Kick Off Meeting

Sep 27th, 2012 |

425081_340980165940225_979415159_nAs announced by Friedhelm Schmieder, CEO of ECPA (European Crop Protection Association), EWS and 5 central ECPA companies started a pre-screening project in the framework of the “Time to Change” Initiative. The kick-off meeting aimed to prepare ECPA members for pre-screening of operational sites throughout Europe with the EWS standard. A working group of stakeholders shared perceptions of the most challenging issues of long term goals and communication needs in the area of water management, as well as expectations for the implementation of the EWS standard. The dialogue revealed the most valuable driver for EWS implementation is the need to reduce risks by integrating the fragmented information into a cohesive water management system. Based on this integrated evaluation of water management performance according to EWS principles, companies expect to develop suitable response strategies for risk management and communication needs and then begin to build those internal and external networks. The pre-screening projects will start on-site in the last quarter of 2012.

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