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Not a drop wasted: Crop protection industry calls for innovation to conserve and protect water

Mar 22nd, 2012 |

Brussels, 22 March 2012. This World Water Day the crop protection industry underlines its commitment to the conservation of water with a call for a boost in innovation of crop protection solutions for sustainable agricultural productivity.

“The sustainable management of water resources is essential; we need water to grow food, we also need to protect crops from pests and diseases – fortunately crop protection solutions allow us to grow food efficiently – we can produce ‘more crop per drop’ – when we avoid needless yield losses” – said Friedhelm Schmider, Director General of ECPA.

For the pesticide industry water challenges extend from the production of ‘more crop per drop’ to the sustainable use of plant protection products. Public perception of crop protection products is rarely favourable – they are often considered a source of pollution. “I can assure the public that we are working hard to get rid of that label” – Friedhelm Schmider continued.

“We are actively engaged with stakeholders (through projects like TOPPS Prowadis and EWS) to improve the contribution and performance of our industry; we know that risk mitigation measures and best management practices can prevent up to 80% of water contamination.”

The crop protection industry is fully committed to protecting and conserving water resources by introducing innovative crop protection solutions and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

“Europe has the potential to be a world leader in sustainable agricultural productivity, but we need more policy makers to recognise the critical importance of innovation, and equip farmers with the best that science has to offer. We need modern tools for contemporary challenges” – concluded Friedhelm Schmider.

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