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Youth acts for water at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

Mar 21st, 2012 |

Brussels, 21 March 2012. From the 6th to the 17th of March, the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) brought together 80 young people from 71 countries and 5 continents in Marseille, France.  After 10 intense working days, the young members of the WYPW presented concrete messages and solutions at the 6th World Water Forum.

The youngsters, aged between 18 to 23, discussed and adopted the charter of the World Youth Parliament for Water and elected Bart Devos (19 years old), EWP European Youth Ambassador since 2010, President of the WYPW Board. «I had the opportunity to be in the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul where I have discovered my passion for the Water and Policy. It won’t be a big surprise for me if the “blue” gold conflicts will be the follow up of the “black” gold ones. I make the wish that the policy makers put the water on the top of the list of their priorities, strengthen the dialogue on this topic involving the youth as early as possible“, he said.

The statements of the WYPW setting forth the young parliamentarian’s messages, proposals and commitments to concrete actions, were disclosed during the official ceremony on the 14th of March. The Youth Parliament members require being full partners of governments, basin authorities and civil society in order to achieve good water governance and universal and fair access to water and sanitation. They proposed to implement local and international actions for raising public awareness.

All along the 6th World Water Forum, the young members of the Parliament have provided outstanding efforts for bringing and disseminating their messages and solutions. At the official opening of the French Pavillion, they handed over the declaration to the French Prime Minister François FILLON and presented their achievements to the Prefect Christian Frémont, Head of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Cabinet.

Finally, the WYPW President Bart Devos provided the outcomes of the Parliament meeting by representing the world youth in the commitment session on the 16th March. He was seated on the official floor besides Loïc Fauchon, Benito Braga and Henri de Raincourt.

The members of the WYPW have now an official mandate to implement the actions and solutions defined in their declaration. They will report on this in March 2015 in Daegu in Korean.

EWP supported the World Youth Water Parliament by providing financial and technical assistance to Green Belgium for the preparation and organization of the Parliament. EWP’s Senior Consultant Murray Biedler was the Parliament’s expert for training and advisory support to young Parliamentarians on Access to Water and Sanitation and for modules on communication skills. While technical challenges were presented to groups during training and preparation sessions leading up to the Forum, much emphasis was placed on need for good governance, a clearer understanding of the problem, awareness raising and effective communication on both problems and solutions to promote a change in behavior.

For more information, please visit the WYPW website:

The Global Youth Water Parliament at the World Water Forum in Marseille

The Global Youth Water Parliament at the World Water Forum in Marseille

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