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STREAM Policy Seminar at WWF6 Marseille: “Achieving solutions for water scarcity and drought”

Feb 20th, 2012 |

Brussels, 20.02.2012. On Tuesday, 13th of March from 12.00 to 15.00, as a side event of the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille-France, the STREAM Project is organizing its 2nd Policy Seminar “Achieving solutions for water scarcity and drought” in room PP2 in the Phalais Phocéen. The draft program for this event is now available.

Water scarcity and drought are crucial challenges all around the world and will be even further exacerbated due to climate change and population growth. Innovative technologies can be a great asset in addressing these challenges, reducing water consumption by up to 40% as shown in European research. These technologies often do already exist, but face large challenges in reaching the market.

An important part of these challenges relate to policy. For instance standardisation, regulation, water prizing, etc. can form large barriers for new technologies to be implemented. This STREAM Policy Seminar addresses the question how policy frameworks should be better used to facilitate the market access of innovative water technologies.

Speakers at this Seminar include European and regional policymakers, innovators and researchers, representing a number of large scale European funded projects. The draft program is now available (Click here to download the program).

Participation in this Seminar is free of charge for participants in the World Water Forum. To attend the Seminar, just leave your name, organisation and email address in the registration form at:

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