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DESIRAS stakeholder event in Estepa, Spain

Nov 25th, 2011 |

Estepa, November 2011. The stakeholder event in Estepa, Spain on 8th of November was a great success. There were about 10 participants, farmers from southern Spain who are growing olives like the project partner José Luis. All together they own several hundreds of hectares of farmland with olive trees. Thus, powerful farmers of the region could be reached with this event. Knowledge on how to irrigate the olive trees is present but the problem of water scarcity is an everyday challenge for these farmers.

Subjects of the stakeholder event were the project DESIRAS, its pilot-tested technology from Dacom and the tested European Water Stewardship. All together the discussed possibilities were to further reduce the amount of water used for irrigation. Due to the fact that up to now the amount of irrigation water is not limited by the state, many farmers do not see any need to reduce the water consumption.

The conclusion is that water in Spain is a big political issue and that a regulatory policy is needed. The results of these discussions will be reviewed in the next project meeting to achieve better results within the project during the next agricultural season.

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