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1.11.2011: STREAM Seminar “State of the Art in Urban Water Management”

Sep 2nd, 2011 |

Brussels, 02.09.2011. On the first of November, 14.00-17.30, the first STREAM Policy Seminar will take place during the Amsterdam International Water Week. The objective of the STREAM Seminars are to bring together research and political actors to make sure politicians are aware of the latest research, and can base their decisions on the latest knowledge and secondly to make sure that new research is policy oriented, and actually contributes to addressing the current political challenges.

The Seminar in Amsterdam will focus on Urban Water Management and is divided in two sessions. Firstly, the Seminar will outline the current challenges and developments on political and research level on urban water management in Europe. Secondly it will highlight practical examples of implementing sustainable water management in a number of cities, and the challenges these cities are facing in the implementation of these new measures. Please click here to download the draft program.

The Seminar is part of the official programme of the Amsterdam International Water Week. Registration for the event is part of the general registration process which is now open at

For more information on STREAM, visit or contact Harro Riedstra at

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