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Outcomes of the Pilot Studies in Industry and Agriculture: A first “Reality Check”

May 20th, 2011 |

Brussels, 20 May 2011. On the 10th and the 11th of May, two workshops were held in Brussels on pilot studies of the EWP Water Stewardship Program in Industry and Agriculture. Among the participants were the Program partners, organizations and operators involved in the piloting and representatives from other interested parties such as the European Commission.

During these workshops, the EWP team presented a summary of the recent activities and outcomes of the Water Stewardship Program in general. Pilot operators presented directly their experiences and the workshop participants discussed the first outcomes of the pilot studies. The second part of the workshops was dedicated to define concrete solutions for critical issues that emerged from the pilot studies. Here, workshop participants gathered their knowledge on available data on river basin parameters and the options for a sound evaluation of certain indicators. Furthermore, proposals for concrete threshold values have been revised. The updated threshold values will be used and tested in the performance evaluation of the next EWP Water Stewardship pilots. Another focus of the workshop was laid on the discussion of the evaluation and scoring system that has been currently used in the pilot studies. An important outcome of both workshops was that communication is a key activity of the months to come: there is a need to clearly formulate the benefits of a voluntary certification scheme on Sustainable Water Management and to inform about the current and envisaged EWP Water Stewardship activities. The coordination team will further investigate the possibilities to align the EWP Water Stewardship standard (EWSS) with existing environmental certification schemes. And last but not least: a robust certification and evaluation scheme will be drafted and presented to the EWP Water Stewardship Steering Committee. The lessons learnt from these workshops will be investigated further in the coming months and will contribute to the realization of an outmost applicable and comprehensible Water Stewardship scheme. We want to thank all participants for their input!

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