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EWP became observer of the Commission’s expert group “Water Framework Directive and Agriculture”

May 10th, 2011 |

Brussels, 10 May 2011. The EWP Water Stewardship Program has become an observer of the expert group “Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Agriculture” which is coordinated by the Water Unit of DG Environment under the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS). The aims of this group are to assess agricultural measures in the river basin management plans, to have an overview on the implementation of the WFD in the agricultural sector and to identify obstacles and constraints related to agricultural issues in the context of the WFD. In this context, this group addresses the identified obstacles and constraints by developing solutions and preparing a common statement on the most emerging issues related to water and agriculture as an input to the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

During their meeting on 5th April 2011, the experts analyzed together with the “River Basin Network for Agriculture and Water” strengths and weaknesses of different concrete agricultural measures in the context of the WFD implementation. The aim of the group is clearly to achieve a well balanced and applicable combination of the CAP and the WFD. The CIS workshop held on the following day focused on “Clear measures for farmers”. The workshop participants prepared a guidance document that will present key methods, tools and best practice examples on how agricultural measures that are presented in the RBMP “Programmes of Measures” can be implemented at farm level.

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