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EWP welcomes DACOM as a new member

Mar 2nd, 2011 |

Brussels, February 2011. Dacom, a Dutch innovative high-tech company that develops and supplies Agri Yield Management systems to arable farms worldwide, recently joined the European Water Partnership (EWP).
The Dacom system offers growers practical solutions for profitable and sustainable agriculture. By combining sensor technology, internet and scientific knowledge, growers can continuously monitor and fine-tune their production process throughout the growing season. Dacom has a global network of weather stations at its disposal, which record the current weather situation every hour. In addition, the system relies on an extremely accurate 10-day weather prediction. The models in the system are developed in collaboration with scientific experts and active growers. The grower uses an integrated recording application to personally input the crop data in the system. Using this data, the grower can constantly monitor the production and where necessary make adjustments in the field. Growers will receive notifications to take action at the appropriate time and using the correct quantity of agri-inputs. The Dacom system assists and advises in areas including disease control, irrigation, insect control, fertilization and effectiveness of the fungicides used.

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