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EU Resource Efficiency Strategy – Think Tanks Joint Meeting

Oct 11th, 2010 |

This think tanks joint meeting, to be held withing the premises of the European Water Partnership in Brussels, will focus on the EU Resource Efficiency Strategy which should be prepared by the Commission in 2011.

This think tanks joint meeting will have two sessions:

  • Session 1. Resource Efficiency and Global Value Chain. How to adapt the present EU macro-economic rules/incentives towards a Resource Efficient Europe in a global framework?
  • Session 2. Design a pro-active EU Resource Efficiency Strategy leading to systemic changes towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. How to exercise collective intelligence in a global, interconnected and interdependent world? How to design a voluntary open-coordination between actors and with front runners willing to leverage their respective powers and means to accelerate change?

For registration, please write to with your coordinates to make sure a place is reserved for you.

Please click here for more details.

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