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EWP Water Stewardship scheme tested on Spanish golf courses – a short report

Oct 11th, 2010 |

On-site view of the El Plantio golf course in Alicante, Spain

On-site view of the El Plantio golf course in Alicante, Spain

Brussels, 11 October 2010. On October 5th the final meeting of the Water Stewardship’s pilot study on the Ferry Group’s golf course El Plantío took place in Alicante, Spain. It was the scope of the EWP Water Stewardship team during this on-site interview to collect the feedback and data of the pilot study and to monitor the implementation of the Water Stewardship requirements at the golf course.

Additionally, a networking event was organized by the Ferry Group that brought major regional stakeholders around the table and introduced them into the European Water Stewardship Program. Among the participants were representatives from the region’s universities, farmer’s organizations and the Valencia Government as well as the president of the General Community Irrigation of the Levante Region and the president of the Valencia Community Golf Federation.

The outcomes of this day will directly feed into the development of the Water Stewardship scheme and the strategy of the Program working group “Golf”.

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