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EWP addresses water challenges at World Water Week

Sep 7th, 2010 |

Brussels, 7 September 2010. About 2.500 leading water experts, decision makers and heads of state are convening in Stockholm for the 20th annual World Water Week to discuss escalating global water challenges.

Held under the theme “Responding to Global Changes: The Water Quality Challenge” the meeting comes at a time when both water issues and their solutions have never been more globally integrated and complex. The need to expand horizons beyond current spheres of cooperation gives participants at this year’s World Water Week a renewed drive to connect the dots to achieve the desired impact.

This year, the European Water Partnership (EWP) organized a side event and seminars with a focus on water futures of Europe and neighbouring regions, rewarding responsible water use and water quality assessment. These sessions stressed outstanding commitments, efforts and suitable options to reach Sustainable Water Management in Europe and the world. Stakeholders from different sectors – research, civil society and business – presented concrete solutions and revealed once more the need for trans-sectoral cooperation.

The World Water Week is designed to build capacity, promote partnerships, and review progress on the correlations between water quality, access and related Millennium goals such as poverty reduction and public health. Other issues raised during the week include climate change adaptation, urbanization, water governance, the human rights to water and sanitation, and the growing strategic water concerns for businesses.

More than 20 ministers, including the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson are joined by leading experts in Stockholm to address these issues.

For detailed information about World Water Week in Stockholm, please click here.

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