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Women for Water Partnership joins the EWP Board of Advice

Sep 6th, 2010 |


Brussels, 6 September 2010. Women for Water Partnership (WfWP), a worldwide strategic alliance of local, national and international women’s organizations, recently joined the Board of Advice of the European Water Partnership (EWP).

WfWP is an international network with presence in approximately 100 countries in the world – in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Carribbean, the EECCA region and Western Europe. Based in the Netherlands, the partnership focuses on women’s social and economic development through fulfilling basic water and sanitation needs. WfWP bridges the gaps between the internationally agreed principles for sustainable development and the day-to-day practice in water management and water and sanitation service delivery. Empowerment, local ownership, equity mainstreaming, partnership, and grassroots development are the key concerns of the network.

Since February 2009, WfWP is strategic partner of Aquawareness – a strategy initiated by the EWP to introduce a water saving and resource efficient culture among political decision makers, key stakeholders and European inhabitants. Agnes Biesiekierska, project manager of Aquawareness, is pleased to welcome the latest Board of Advice member:”We are delighted to intensify our already ongoing joint activities with WfWP to a deepened fruitful collaboration.

To read more about WfWP’s activities, please click here.


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