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EWP @ Stockholm World Water Week

Sep 2nd, 2010 |

Brussels, 2 September 2010. As an open platform for over 2.000 experts, practitioners, key decision makers and leaders, the Stockholm World Water Week is the leading annual meeting place to discuss the most urgent water-related issues. This year, the conference will focus on “The Water Quality Challenge – Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement”.

It is the EWP’s pleasure to invite World Water Week visitors to participate in the EWP sessions, taking place on the 6th and 7th September 2O10. These events will focus on “Water Futures of Europe and Neighbouring Regions”, “Rewarding Responsible Water Use” as well as “Water Quality Assessment”.

“Water Futures of Europe and Neighbouring Regions” (Side Event)

Date:  2010-09-06

Time:  12:15-13:15

Room: K12

In the light of global challenges e.g. climate variability, increased demographics or food shortage this event will elaborate possible futures and pressures to the availability of good quality water in Europe and neighbouring regions. Expert discussions will focus on policy implications and identify next steps. Ms. Sabine von Wirén-Lehr, EWP Water Stewardship program coordinator, will discuss the results of the Aquawareness Policy Forum, which took place in Brussels in March 2010 and outline the further process needed. This seminar will be a stepping stone event towards the high level Hungarian EU Presidency Conference “Future Waters for Europe”, to be held on 22-26 March, 2011 in Budapest.

The event is being organized in cooperation with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the SCENES Project (Water Scenarios for Europe and Neighbouring Countries), European Environment Agency (EEA) and the Finnish Water Forum (FWF).

“Rewarding Responsible Water Use, Managing Risk” (Seminar)

Date:  2010-09-06

Time:  15:30-18:45

Room: T6

Efforts to address challenging global water issues are handicapped in part by the lack of a universal “water stewardship” program, a program that defines how to develop, manage and use water in a way that enables social and economic development while ensuring environmental sustainability.

This seminar builds upon last year’s event, at which attendees received a brief introduction to the building of a global water stewardship program (i.e., water certification program) by the Alliance for Water Stewardship. The AWS’s effort now has global and regional initiatives underway to obtain multi-stakeholder input on draft water stewardship standards -including draft standards on water quality, the theme of Water Week 2010. The AWS’s international and multi-regional collaboration has the potential to be truly transformative, resulting in a new water use and management program for voluntary participants, and one that stimulates a new global water ethic. Attendees will learn about the standing of the AWS’s work and about various avenues for engagement in this work – ways to actively provide input into the design of the overall framework for the draft standards, the global roundtable process, the regional initiatives, and the overall institutional development of the permanent water stewardship organization being built by the AWS and its stakeholders around the world.

Co-organizers include the European Water Partnership, the International Water Management Institute, the Pacific Institute, The Nature Conservancy, the Water Environment Federation, Water Stewardship Australia, Water Witness International and WWF.

“Water Quality Assessment: Indicators & Optimal Decisions in IWRM” (Seminar)

Date:  2010-09-07

Time: 9:00-12:30

Room: T3

The seminar addresses the assessment of water quantity and water quality supporting the implementation of optimal decisions on integrated water resource management. The objectives are i) to discuss the usefulness of various indicators and tools to secure sufficient water knowledge; ii) to discuss leading-edge monitoring technologies and adaptive assessment solutions.

This event is convened by the European Water Partnership, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), IHP/HWRP Secretariat, the Federal Institute of Hydrology, Germany, DHI Water and Environment, the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Southern Africa and UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment.

For detailed information about World Water Week in Stockholm, please click here.

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