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“No information was flowing, only water”

Aug 2nd, 2010 |

Fritz Barth, EWP Vice-Chairman, interviewed by Euractiv

Fritz Barth, EWP Vice-Chairman, interviewed by Euractiv

Brussels,  2 August 2010. Last week Mr. Fritz Barth, Vice Chairman EWP, gave an interview for Euractiv on the state of the implementation of the WFD. According to Mr. Barth the WFD has already achieved an enhanced process of cooperation between regions, facilitated a public participation in the various member states thus involving a broader stakeholder group into water issues and improved in general the quality of water.  The most controversial issue during the drafting process of the WFD was water pricing – though current studies show that consumers are ready to pay a higher price once they are informed how to save water, thus keeping their water bills low but getting a better service. Among other issues Mr. Barth mentioned that agriculture needs a dedicated focus on its water use saving potential but also faster technology uptake, as well as the right tools to measure sustainable water management.

The whole interview will be available soon.


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