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UN adopts resolution recognizing human right to water and sanitation

Aug 2nd, 2010 |

New York, 28th July 2010. On Wednesday, 28th July, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling on States and international organizations to provide financial resources, build capacity and transfer technology, particularly to developing countries, in scaling up efforts to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

The assembly, in the text on the human right to water and sanitation, highlights that 884 million people lacked access to safe drinking water and more than 2.6 billion were without access to basic sanitation.

Regretfully the full consensus was not achieved and the resolution has been approved with 122 votes in favour, none against and 41 abstentions.

The representative of Bolivia underlines that human right had not been fully recognized, because even if the draft resolution urged States and international organizations to provide resources and to foster the transfer of technology to developing countries, with the aim to provide access to water and sanitation, the text was laying in operative paragraph 1, he said. He pointed out that the lack of access to water killed more children annually than AIDS, malaria and measles combined: each year more than 3.5 million people died from diseases spread by contaminated water and one of every eight people lacked access to drinking water. He continued adding that the upcoming Millennium Development Goals Summit must provide a clear signal that water and sanitation were human rights.

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