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15-16 June: Water Roundtable Launch Meeting

Jun 12th, 2010 |

Brussels, 12 June 2010. The first Water Roundtable, launched by the Alliance for Water Stewardship and hosted by the European Water Partnership, will be held at the Hotel Bloomi in Brussels, Belgium, 15-16 June 2010, to discuss and develop international freshwater stewardship standards.

Similar to other successful and transformative standard setting efforts, the Water Roundtable seeks to create an inclusive, voluntary, and consensus-driven approach to how freshwater is managed and protected globally. Ultimately, the complex, cross-boundary nature of freshwater and vested interest of public, commercial, and civil society stakeholders demands a multi-stakeholder deliberation and decision-making to develop meaningful and implementable change

Specifically, the Goals of the Launch in Brussels are to:

  • Present the case for water, the Alliance for Water Stewardship and the importance of a Water Roundtable process;
  • Refine the proposed benefits and model for international water stewardship standard(s) development;
  • Build understanding and alignment on key global water-use impacts;
  • Explain the proposed roadmap for creating multi-stakeholder standard(s); and
  • Describe engagement opportunities and invite participation in the Water Roundtable and Regional Initiatives.

To accomplish these goals, the Launch agenda will engage participants in 7 core conversations across the two-day event:

Tuesday June 15th 9am-5pm

  • WHY ARE WE HERE? – The background and work of the Alliance leading up to the Roundtable Launch
  • WHERE TO FOCUS? – Key Impacts and Core Challenges for Water Stewardship
  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A WATER STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM AND FOR WHOM? – Exploring the Benefits for Businesses & Water Service Providers, Civil Society, and Public Sector Agencies
  • HOW COULD STEWARDSHIP WORK? – A potential model for delivering benefits through the implementation of a water stewardship program

Wednesday June 16th 9am-5pm

  • WHAT COULD STANDARD(S) LOOK LIKE? – Exploring current standards; high level similarities and convergences; options for further development
  • HOW CAN WE BUILD AGREEMENT? – Charting a Roadmap to Agreement Building
  • HOW TO GET INVOLVED? – Opportunities for Ongoing Roundtable Participation and Support

The meeting will also have two receptions: Monday and Tuesday evening to allow stakeholders to connect with one another.

For program details, please click here.

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