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Aquawareness Photo Competition: First voting results

Jun 7th, 2010 |


Green Week Voting

Brussels, 7 June 2010. According to Green Week visitors, Oxana Salamaha (18) from Moldova is the most talented amateur-photographer participating in the EWP Aquawareness Photo Competition “Who cares…about water? Nature does!”.

Last week, visitors of the Green Week conference voted for their 3 most favorite pictures of the Aquawareness Photo Competition, examining photographer’s skills, creativity, originality, the artistic realization of the title and the intercultural comprehensibility.

With 76 votes, Oxana Salamaha’s photo (“wave & bird”) is the most popular picture of the Green Week voting. The photo was taken in Greece and shows a bird called “kingfisher”. Olivia Knight from England (“Splash”) lies in the second place, directly followed by Paul Roberts.

The online voting will be possible till 30th June 2010. To vote for winning pictures, please visit our Aquawareness photo competition picture gallery:


Fritz Barth, EWP Vice-Chairman & Manuel Ferry Sanchez, Ferry Group, voting for their favorite pictures

Voting results, Green week:

  1. Oxana Salamaha, -wave&bird- =76
  2. Olivia Knight-splash- =54
  3. Paul Roberts –robin- =44
  4. Karolina Jablonska –ephemeroptera-=38
  5. Yee Wei Kheoh, “Catch the ripple” =36
  6. Karolina Jablonska -Iceland-  = 33
  7. Oxana Salamaha –pond- =30
  8. Conor Doherty, “It Starts Fresh” =28
  9. Yee Wei Kheoh –rain drops- = 27
  10. Alena Zhandarova, “Harmony” =23
  11. Conor Doherty, “The Home of the Fishes” =17
  12. Sareal Mustafallari -glass- =15
  13. Adil Ahajiou, “Edged” = 14
  14. Silvia Patru –winter ducks- =13
  15. Julia Senik, “Solitude” =12
  16. Eduardo Costa, “Anas platyrhynchos” =12


    Aquawareness Photo Competition "Who cares...about water? Nature does!" at Green Week

  17. Alena Zhandarova, “Golden eagle”=8
  18. Eduardo Costa, “Ardea purpurea & Sympetrum vulgatum” =7
  19. Julia Golik, “Life in One Water Drop” =7
  20. Elena Zhukova, “Clean energy or technological progress” =5
  21. Adil Ahajiou “Broken”= 4
  22. Elena Zhukova, “Who cares about water…” =4
  23. Julia Senik, “Poaching” =4
  24. Antoniy Valchev, “Cleaning trees – Bedechka river
  25. – Bulgaria – 2” =4
  26. Silvia Patru –water fountain- =4
  27. Christina Yakushenko, “Take care of shellfish! Only they are hope to see the river” =4
  28. Desislava Taneva –river I- =3
  29. Christina Yakushenko, “Last 14 families of the Russian desman still live …” =2
  30. Antoniy Valchev, “Cleaning trees – Bedechka river – Bulgaria – 1” =1
  31. Desislava Taneva –river II- =1

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