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Holmen Paper Madrid awarded Environmental Award 2009

Jan 4th, 2010 |

Holmen Paper Madrid, one of the members of the EWP, was recently awarded the 2009 Environment Award of the Community of Madrid.

The 2009 Environment Award, in the category of environmental management of large companies, has been created with the purpose of promoting respect towards the environment in all economical sectors, and to acknowledge the efforts undertaken to improve environmental behaviour.

The Community of Madrid, in collaboration with the Madrid Commerce and Industry Chamber and the CEIM (Madrid Confederation of Employers and Industries), acknowledges the work carried out by Holmen Paper in the environmental engineering field, with especial recognition of the project aimed at replacing the drinking water in the process with 100% recycled water. This award, in the category of environmental management of large companies, has been created with the purpose of promoting environmental respect in all economical sectors and to acknowledge the efforts undertaken in the improvement of environmental behaviour.

Solutions for a scarce natural resource, water.

In 2005 Holmen Paper contacted the Cellulose and Paper Research Group belonging to the Chemical Engineering Department of the Complutense University to request their opinion with regards to the use of reclaimed water to substitute for the fresh water employed in the manufacture of recycled paper in the plant the company has in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). After a comprehensive state-of-the-art analysis in which available technologies, their associated risks and legal constraints were considered, the Cellulose and Paper Group recommended the company to carry out a pilot study combining a double-membrane technology (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis) and a subsequent disinfection stage with ultraviolet. After the piloting, an economical and technical feasibility study was carried out, which results underpin the continuation of the project.

The Project dealing with water reclaimed presents a specific repercussion in the Community of Madrid since the technology developed will enable the company to avoid a consumption of drinking water equivalent to that of a town of 80.000 inhabitants and supply itself with reclaimed water from the municipal water network, in particular from the treatment plant being built in the municipal wastewater treatment plant of “Arroyo Culebro”, in the municipality of Pinto. This plant will treat effluents from Holmen Paper and other industrial effluents along with the municipal wastewater of the area to transfer them back to the paper manufacturing plant as reclaimed water.

Excellent entrepreneurial-institutional collaboration

The Project is the result of the excellent collaboration established between Holmen Paper Madrid, Canal de Isabel II (the water utility of the Community of Madrid) and the Madrid Complutense University. It has enabled Holmen Paper Madrid be the first plant in Europe to manufacture 100%- recycled paper with 100%-recycled water. This is, therefore, a great example of how companies and institutions can collaborate towards sustainability.

The official notification of the award took place on 2nd December 2009. The award will be given early in 2010.

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