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7th Anque’s International Congress & Aquafit4Use Mid-term conference

Jan 4th, 2010 |

13th -16th June 2010, Oviedo (Spain).

From the 13th-16th of June 2010, the seventh Anque International Congress will take place in Oviedo, Spain, titled: Integral Water Cycle: Present and Future “A Shared Commitment”. The Forum will take place jointly with the mid-term conference of the Aquafit4Use Project.

This Anque Internationa congress will offer a forum for discussion and exchange of information between enterprises, administration and public institutions, research centers and universities in which the latest scientific and technological advances related to the sustainable management of water resources in the integral water cycle will be presented.

All the relevant information about the congress can be found at the web

Plenary lectures will include:

  • “Virtual water”. John Anthony Allan. 2008 Stockholm Water Prize, UK.
  • “Paradigm shift in urban water management”. Peter A. Wilderer. 2003 Stockholm Water Prize, Germany.
  • “Sonochemical process for the treatment of impaired water”. Chin-Pao Huang. 2008 Francis Alison Award, USA.
  • “The future of water: the European perspective”. Tom Vereijken, Chairman of the European Water Partnership, Belgium.

Aquafit4Use – Mid-term conference

At the same time of the Anque International Conference, the mid-term conference of the Aquafit4Use project will also take place in Oviedo.

The AquaFit4use project aims at a more sustainable use of water in the main water consuming industries. Through development and implementation of new, reliable and cost-effective technologies, tools and methods, a far-going closure of the water cycle in these industries is foreseen. Consequently, the intake of fresh water and the disposal of wastewater will be reduced significantly as will the burden imposed by this on the environment.

The mid-term conference will address the following topic:

  • Sustainable water management assessment
  • Modelling
  • Membrane treatments
  • Advanced treatments
  • Good Examples: Industrial Cases

For more information regarding the project, please visit:

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