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“Water issues catch political attention during crisis situation but are soon forgotten again” says Mr. Palle Lindgaard Jorgensen

Nov 23rd, 2009 |

Within EWP’s vision mapping process in which key stakeholders give their opinion on key actions needed to implement the aims of the Water Vision for Europe by 2030, Mr. Lindgaard Jorgensen* stressed the lack of political will to prioritize water issues. According to him politicians play a crucial role in pushing for sustainable water management and the implementation of exisiting regulations.  Further Mr. Lindgaard Jorgensen explained that  we need more research to understand climate impacts, to cope and prevent water related disasters and to support the complex interactions between sectors of society in a river basin context. Finally he was underlining the relation between Europe and its neighbours and the need for better understanding how we most efficiently can transfer the knowledge we have.

*Mr Palle Lindgaard Jorgensen is Deputy Director DHI Water Policy and member of the EWP Board


Palle Lindgaard Jorgensen

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