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“We must bridge engineering with society“ says Prof. Peter Wilderer, Director of IASS and Member of the EWP Board of Advice.

Nov 6th, 2009 |

Within EWP’s framework of interviewing key stakeholders for the vision mapping process, Prof. Wilderer explained that in the light of climate change and population growth it is indispensable to reuse water, which in his opinion is less a technical question than a behavioural issue. Further he was stressing to incorporate aspects of migration and immigration and related water challenges more into the debate.

According to Prof. Wilderer,  motivation of stakeholders can only be achieved when clear economic and financial advantages are being demonstrated.

This vision mapping project maps where Europe currently stands with regard to sustainable water management and how far tools and instruments of the European Union are already supporting the aims of the Water Vision for Europe.

Prof. Peter Wilderer

Prof. Peter Wilderer

To read the whole interview, please click here

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