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EWP-EEA join forces

Sep 29th, 2009 |

L/R Mr. Fritz Barth, Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, Mr. Tom Vereijken

L/R Mr. Fritz Barth, Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, Mr. Tom Vereijken

The European Water Partnership and the European Environment Agency have announced today a new strategic cooperation to improve water use in Europe. The breakfast reception “Finding the right climate to account for Europe’s water” was opened by introductory speeches of Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the EEA, and Mr. Tom Vereijken, Chairman of the EWP.

“To be truly effective and relevant, environmental policy must be developed together with the actors who will work with it. For the water area, this means involving those who actually use, distribute and treat water such as agriculture, water utilities, industries, the energy or transport sector. EEA logoThis cooperation with EWP and its partners is a crucial step for us in that direction” said Professor Jacqueline McGlade.

Mr. Tom Vereijken remarked that “it is important to show that we have a water problem in Europe and this has to be documented with consistent data. The EWP is upfront working on concrete issues and this cooperation with the EEA will strengthen our commitment to share and disseminate data on the current status of water issues in Europe”. He also stressed that “this cooperation will not be a partnership between two parties only, but a partnership to other partners as well”, thus underlining that many other stakeholders will be involved in and benefit from this cooperation.

Around 35 representatives of different organizations attended this breakfast reception held in the premises of EWP offices in Brussels.

To see the press release of the EEA on the event please click here.

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