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Vision mapping interview with Mr. Ernst, new EWP Board Member

Sep 15th, 2009 |

Mr. Ernst

Mr. Ernst

We need a new deal as there is nothing comparable to water” says Mr. Dieter Ernst, CEO of Berlinwasser International and new Board Member of the EWP.

According to Mr. Ernst several crucial challenges have to be addressed by policy makers in order to ensure sustainable water management in Europe. Firstly, it is indispensable to formulate clear priorities to avoid setting up contradictory objectives – we need a balance strategy for the conflicting interests in quality, energy efficiency and pricing policy. Further he emphasized that awareness raising and an integrated approach are still crucial and necessary factors towards an ensured water future in Europe. Moreover, Mr. Ernst was underlining an enhanced private engagement within the water sector by calling for a new risk guarantee tool securing private sector involvement.

This interview is part of the vision mapping project, which was initiated by the EWP to map where Europe currently stands with regard to sustainable water management and how far tools and instruments of the European Union are already supporting the aims of the Water Vision for Europe.

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