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Interview with Board of Advice Member, Mrs. Gema San Bruno

Jul 30th, 2009 |

Mrs. Gema san Bruno

Mrs. Gema San Bruno

In the latest years of the 20th century energy was the challenge to cope with, in the 21st century water is the key issue” says Mrs. Gema San Bruno, Secretary General ESHA and EWP Board of Advice member.

According to Mrs. San Bruno, “it is difficult for people to adjust and to manage within these new and insecure environments (floods, droughts). This insecurity will create tensions and problems”. Further she was elaborating, it is crucial to make sure that everybody has access to drinking water at a reasonable price. In her opinion good technology is already out there, however it is crucial to have water education and knowledge on water from the early beginning on. Moreover, water issues should get closer to citizens. In fact the only relation citizens have with water is when they get the water bill to pay, it would be good to have more explanations and information where the money goes to, more transparency. “Local authorities should inform us more on the sources of water, on the quality” she says.

This interview is part of the vision mapping project, which was initiated by the EWP to map where Europe currently stands with regard to sustainable water management and how far tools and instruments of the European Union are already supporting the aims of the Water Vision for Europe.

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