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Interview with Board of Advice Member, Mrs. Cristina Gutierrez Cortines, MEP

Jul 28th, 2009 |

“Water is work in progress” says Mrs. Cristina Gutierrez Cortines, MEP.

Within the framework of vision mapping Mrs. Gutierrez Cortines, Member of the European Parliament, President of the European Water Forum and Member of EWP’s Board of Advice, was emphasizing the fact that water issues have to be dealt with on a regional and local level, as a general vision doesn’t match the reality. She was elaborating that solidarity, transparency and integrity are far away of being reached within Europe – a lot of work has still to be done. Further she was explaining that citizens have to be provided with solutions and with means to implement these solutions, in financial and human capital terms.

This interview was pursued within the vision mapping project which the EWP is currently working on to elaborate the strengths and weaknesses, but also to suggest actions needed to realize the aims of the Water Vision for Europe by 2030.

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