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Interview with Board Member, Prof. Angeles Blanco

Jul 27th, 2009 |

“We are not well aware how near sustainable water management may affect us and we are not aware that we must be part of the solution” says Mrs. Angeles Blanco, Professor at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and EWP Board member.

Prof. Angeles Blanco

Prof. Angeles Blanco

In the series of interviews for the vision mapping process, a project started by the EWP to elaborate the strengths and weaknesses as well as actions needed in order to implement the aims of the Water Vision for Europe by 2030, Mrs. Blanco, was arguing that we still do not practice the integrated approach, but rather look at small and separate pieces. Further she mentioned that real commitment is still lacking – not only political willingness to act, but also on the business and civil society level. We all are still not aware (enough) to contribute to sustainable water management by saving and using water efficiently. Thirdly, Mrs. Blanco was stressing that we have to make water issues more emotional, so it could impact human behaviour.

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